Our team at Merlin were tasked with considering the construction placement process and all elements involved along the timeline. Our goal has been to look for efficiencies around some of the areas that can slow the process of submission to quote to binding coverage. Our solution will expedite the process, make it cleaner, smoother and more transparent for all parties involved. This we refer to as the Merlin Advantage.


Merlin’s combined policy with its all-encompassing solution, our ability to retain 100% of the placement and our rates being commensurate with those in the traditional mono-line placement structure, provide the opportunity to significantly reduce your time to access markets, receive quote and bind coverage on behalf of your clients.

We provide:

  • Single sourced solution
  • 100% capacity for each product line reducing the broking time required for each construction project placement
  • Exciting new product tailored to fit your existing clients’ requirements
  • Direct access to friendly construction insurance specialists here to assist with the placement process
  • Our combined product lines significantly reduce your E&O exposure by eliminating the cracks in coverage
  • Highly efficient approach to managing contractor or owner controlled programs – Certificates issued will cover all product lines and our IT platform can capture all the information required to quickly provide evidence of cover for a new project
  • Fast turnaround from submission to quote (quotes should be available typically between 24 – 48 hours)
  • Highly efficient back office for fast documentation issuance


Our goal is to provide you the Insured with a product you can rely on, one that is transparent and one that provides clear benefits that have not previously been available in the construction insurance field.

We provide:

  • Consistency and transparency in coverage
  • Claims confidence in the knowledge there will no longer be potential gaps in coverage
  • Strong, reliable capacity, A- or higher
  • A commitment to provide documentation within 7 days of binding cover
  • Highly experienced underwriting team who fully understand the your requirements, therefore providing the you with the most accurate pricing for your project, without the need for built in conservancy