Merlin is leading innovation in the insurance industry by offering unparalleled coverage through consolidated insurance solutions.

As leaders in innovation, Merlin offers consolidated solutions complemented with the latest technology. This gives our clients maximum protection, supported by an efficient, convenient and streamlined customer experience.


Merlin Underwriting Inc. was established in 2017 as a Canadian construction Managing General Agent. Created by a team of professionals with unparalleled experience advising and building construction specific insurance solutions, the team recognised a disconnect between the necessary coverage available for construction projects and the way claims were being managed.

Consultations were arranged with insurance companies and brokers to establish and develop a single insurance product, one that had a specific focus on Contractors and Owners who wished to protect their construction project during its development phase.

The resulting collaboration gave us MERLIN UNITY – a consolidated policy wording for the construction industry in Canada.

By amalgamating three key products into one wording, Merlin has been able to achieve a simple product with unrivaled coverage and service. Merlin offers a unique and global ‘first to market’ solution for Course of Construction, Wrap Up Liability and Architects and Engineers’ Errors and Omissions.

Merlin is proudly comprised of 100% Canadian private equity.